A very AtG Christmas party


Miriam Khalil as the Governess in last season’s The Turn of the Screw. She was looking sparklier and less spooked last night!

Last night was the Against the Grain Theatre fundraiser at the Norman Felix Gallery.  It was definitely billed as a Christmas party but was probably one of the most Jewish Christmas parties since the one in the stable.  A fair selection of the great and good of the Toronto opera scene turned out together with an even larger sample of the not so great and good, including the lemur and myself.  Topher banged the ivories for a few operatic excerpts and some Christmassy songs.  There was carolling, of a rather higher standard than my old parish church, and drinking; though not necessarily in that order.  There was a small dog.  I think everybody had fun.

There was also a raffle.  And I won stuff.  I won a set of Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau recordings; 23 CDs and 2 DVDs.  There are also more tickets for the COC Ensemble Studio performance of La Clemenza di Tito on February 6th.  Let me know if you are interested.  We already have tickets.  There’s also other stuff of a less operatic nature.  Raffle FTW!

As previously posted, upcoming AtG shows include a Kafka/Janáček/Kurtág show at the beginning of March and Figaro’s Wedding in May/June.


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