This week gets a bit ridiculous

If you aren’t already committed to the opening night of Tapestry Briefs or Adrian Kramer and Lucia Cesaroni’s show at the Extension Room, there’s now another option for Thursday night.  Aprile Millo is presenting a concert of operatic excerpts performed by members of Mary-Lou Vetere’s studio including Teiya Kasahara.  It’s being billed as a “gala”; whatever that means.  It’s at Trinity St. Paul’s at 7pm.  Ms. Millo is also performing at Trinity St. Paul’s on Saturday at 7.30pm.

Opera Spectacular! 2014 Toronto


5 thoughts on “This week gets a bit ridiculous

  1. Yes, embarrassment of riches this week. I had to decide between the Millo gala on Thursday and the Extension Room presentation…the latter won out I’m afraid. But I’m excited to hear Millo on Saturday – and I’ll be at the TSO tonight for the Nielsen Symphony and hopefully the NB on Friday for their Manon! Busy, busy…so many concerts….so little time!

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