Balancing on the Edge

Balancing on the Edge combines the talents of A Girl in the Sky Productions and the Thin Edge New Music Collective.  It’s a challenging and exciting blend of New Circus and Contemporary Music (for some definition of both/either).  The circus element included aerialists, juggling and clowns while the music varied from Cage and Xenakis to pieces composed for the show.  There were live projections too.  The show was divided into six “acts” with some clowning interludes and other breaks for set up but mostly it was pretty fluid.  The performance space, the Harbourfront Theatre, was pretty much cleared down to a single ring of seats at ground level with more seating in the galleries, which allowed plenty of space for the various rigs employed.


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Barefoot Messiah

Against the Grain Theatre revived their 2013 choreographed Messiah last night Harbourfront Centre.  It’s quite heavily reworked from the 2013 edition and I think the changes are an improvement.  The creative team of Topher Mokrzewski (Music), Joel Ivany (Stage direction) and Jenn Nichols (choreography) remains the same as does the overall “look and feel”.  The soloists are supported here by a 16 strong chorus and 18 instrumentalists.


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