Spirit Dreaming

CBSimgLast night I braved the storm to catch an intriguingly curated show at Trinity St. Paul’s.  Talisker Players’ Spirit Dreaming was a selection of music in which “western” composers explore the ideas of colonized peoples through the medium of vocal chamber music.  The music was interspersed with readings from creation myths from around the world.  It was very interesting to see how changing ideas of “cultural appropriation” and different cultural contexts; French and British colonies, Brazil, northern Finland, influenced works which range in time from the 1920s to the 2010s.

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Inspired by Love

Joana CarneiroOnce in a while it’s fun to go to something almost entirely undemanding (for the audience at least!).  So, yesterday afternoon I attended a concert of classical “lollipops” given by the TSO under the baton of young Portugese conductor Joana Carneiro.  The chief attraction for me was that recent Ensemble Studio graduates Simone Osborne and Wallis Giunta were also performing.  Things got going with the overture from Il Nozze di Figaro. It was a brisk and stylish performance with Ms. Carneiros displaying a very physical conducting style.

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